Twinkling Stars Baby Gymnastics – 8 weeks to 18 months

Our baby gymnastics classes support babies within a warm and enjoyable environment. Structured sessions involving activities and apparatus that are fun for babies and parents. We introduce babies to the world of gymnastics and start them on a pathway to a lifetime of enjoyment of physical activity. We provide babies with a framework for natural physical and psychological development.  After the class, parents are carers can relax in our waiting room over coffee and biscuits.

WHAT TO WEAR – Parents and babies should wear comfortable clothing.  Shoes are removed.

SESSION COSTS – The fee for all pre-school classes is £5.00 per session. After an initial 2 weeks pay as you go you can sign up to a block or monthly standing order. All Astro members pay £10 per year membership and must register with Scottish Gymnastics by their third week, at a cost of £11.

AGE 8 weeks to around 18 months:
Wednesday 11.00 – 11.45

For more information or for booking please contact reception on 01506 410945 or click here