Freestyle Gymnastics is the term adopted by Scottish Gymnastics to describe a new and rapidly developing sport which also incorporates aspects of other popular activities, such as Parkour, Free running and Urban Gymnastics.

Participants will be taught different warm up techniques, a variety of links and pathways, rolling, tumbling and a gradual progression towards individual aerial skills. Specific aims within the class will be to develop strength, co-ordination, agility, safe landings and the more creative, free styled approach to movement complimenting the core elements that make up freestyle gymnastics. This class is a must for anyone with a passion for climbing, swinging, rolling, running and a lot of energy!!! Our freestyle classes take part in Astronomical, our annual display.

WHAT TO WEAR -Participants should wear comfortable clothing, shorts or joggers and t-shirt are best, and have bare feet.

SESSION COSTS – The fee is £6.00 per session, Freestyle 1 & 2, £6.50 for Freestyle 3. After an initial 2 weeks pay as you go you can sign up to a block or monthly standing order. All Astro members pay £10 per year membership and must register with Scottish Gymnastics by their third week, at a cost of £17.

SESSION TIMES – Times may change with covid-19 restrictions
Freestyle 1 – Age 5 (or P1) – 7 years – £6
Wednesday 17.00 – 17.45 (boys only)
Saturday 12.05 – 12.50 (mixed boys and girls)

Freestyle 2 – Age 8 – 12 years – £6
Wednesday 17.50 – 18.50 (boys only)
Saturday 13.00 – 14.00 (mixed boys and girls)
Freestyle 3 – Age 13+ years – £6.50
Wednesday 19.05 – 20.20 (mixed boys and girls)

For more information or for booking please contact reception on 01506 410945 or click here