Display Gymnastics

Astro Gymnastics is home to two very successful displays teams, Astro Eden (Seniors) and Astro Republic (Juniors). Both teams take part in a variety of festivals across the country as well as more local displays and of course ‘Astronomical’ Astro’s very own club display event. Display gymnastics is an ever growing discipline and encourages participation within the sport from complete beginners to current competitors and ex professional. Routines are generally between 5 and 8 minutes in length, choreographed to music and demonstrate a variety of dance sequences, individual skills, tumbles and group balances. Display gymnastics is a recreational non-competitive, exciting, inspiring and very rewarding environment, which builds great team co-operation, encouragement and motivation.

Astro Eden

Astro’s Senior Display Team is made up of the clubs senior competitors and a few of our retired coaches!! Eden’s age range is from 10 years ……… ??? and demonstrate a variety of high level partner and group balances, tumble sequences and dynamic, challenging choreography. Astro Eden has performed at the Scottish Gymfest, Perth Gymfest, Liverpool Ministrada, Middlesbrough TVL, Middlesbrough Festival of Gymnastics, Dublin Fleadh and London Festival of Gymnastics. They currently hold the 2012 award for ‘Best overall senior display’ and 2013 award for ‘Best Choreography’.

Astro Republic

Astro’s Junior Display Team is made up of the clubs preparatory and junior competitors and age range from 9 to 14 years. Republic focuses on producing routines with the inclusion of partner and group balances, individual skills and choreography. Astro Republic performs at many Scottish display events and are invited to guests to the Scottish Schools Display event and Edinburgh Leisure Christmas Spectacular. We have also taken Astro Republic down to Middlesbrough and are always on the look out for new ‘away’ trips, which would benefit our junior team.